History dates back to past events and origins Apostolic Fire Ministries has history and below is how we summarize it. What is today known as Apostolic Fire Ministries was Alpha and Omega Evangelical Church. A church founded by my elder brother in Lagos, when I came to Delta State from my youth service I thought I would finish and go back to Lagos, but along the line I got a job after my service with OTIS Nigeria Limited in Warri. So I told my brother about starting a branch of his church in Warri. So about five of us began the church at sector F D.S.C. township Ovwain, Warri, Delta State.

I was still working travelling in and out so I had to employ a pastor who was helping out in running the church, but something happened and I had to decide what next to do, somehow my brother did not agree with the decision so he withdrew his leadership from the church and asked us to go on our own. That was how the church became, ALPHA AND OMEGA FRESH FIRE MINISTRIES, independent of Lagos church.

God gave us a land, church was growing and things were moving well, we even started the church building in Warri but something happen that I didn’t think was a blessing then. I got transfer to Port-Harcourt in my company, I almost did not want to go because of the church, but a pastor told me,” It may be that God want a church like ours in Port-Harcourt. So I accepted I moved to Port-Harcourt July 1998 to resume work for my company. I attached myself to s church. CHRIST GOSPEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH, Abuloma Road, I was there as an associate pastor but I did not get too involved because I know I would begin our church soon to avoid any misunderstanding. Finally the time came to begin what I considered the most important thing that brought me to Port-Harcourt, the church. So on August 2001 we started with a night vigil which held at U k u k a l a m a Community Hall Fimie. That night 44 persons were in attendance it was a Friday and then on Sunday we started our first Sunday service with a child dedication of Mrs. Rachael Oladapo (Mummy Victor) she was a very wonderful woman it was she that brought so many people then. We then left the community hall to No.3 Somiari off Abuloma Road. As the church in Port-Harcourt began to grow I took a bold step to commit myself fully to the work of God so I resigned from work in July 31st 2004. At this time we started series of programmes in the church that brought freedom and breakthroughs to many who were struggling with their lives then. Here are some of those live changing programmes

• C o u n s e l I n g a n d Deliverance Service
• Fire Festival
• Open door miracle service

These programmes gave us expansion beyond our dream. As the church was blossoming we went for registration with the government only to find out that another ministry in Port-Harcourt has registered that exact name of our church so we change from Alpha and Omega Fresh Fire Ministries to Apostolic Fire Ministries to enable us register the church under co-operative laws. The growth we were experiencing at No.3 Somiari was now much more than the place could carry, God provided us with where we are now, we left N0.3 Somiari to GETHSEMANE PRAYER CITY on 1st October 2007 Getting here, the ministry has taken another shape because of the expansion on every side. God is a faithful God. I like to return all the glory to Him for the journey so far, and let me say on this note that the best is yet to come in this ministry. Halleluya!