The life and the ministry of Reverend Prophet Michael Olasupo Akindapo is a multi-facial and a very interesting one. It is a life full of the testimony of God’s grace, God’s strength and God’s favour. Prophet Michael Akindapo is a man many describe as a gifted man here are some of the virtues that characterize him.

No doubt every true life’s stude4nt will definitely make a great teacher, this is very true about Prophet Mike. Sometimes people think that when a man is a prophet. He only prophecies. This is not true in the life of this great prophet He teaches with so much insight and understanding that even the lay man knows what he is talking about. Most of his teachings are done on everyday to day life experience which makes it very impactful. I was not surprise when few weeks ago I was with him in Port-Harcourt, and his car was brought from the mechanic and all of a sudden. He assembled the pastor around and was asking them what they could learn from this car, because actually the car has stayed at the mechanic workshop for about 2years. Right there on the spot he drew out 21 lessons from the car and the lesson were very applicable to life’s success. The teachings of Prophet Mike will help anyone who truly receive them.

There are few preachers like Prophet Michael Akindapo. I have sometimes wondered sitting under the preaching of this great prophet because of the high intensity of power with which he declares the word of God. Another thing of note about the preaching of this great prophet is the drama involved he dramatize his messages in such a way that you wish the message would go on without ending. He captures his audience seizing their breath as they are swept under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Not very many preachers carry their audience along as they preach. Prophet Akindapo is one of those few. His preaching are relative, insightful, challenging, energetic and very charismatic. I sometimes wonder where he gets his strength from while preaching. Prophet Mike can preach for long hours at a stretch without getting tired and so is his audience not tired of listening to him. And the great matter is that he preaches almost everyday of the week you can tap from this grace.

No doubt we are in the prophetic era of the church of God. Where the prophetic ministry is sort after and because of this fact a lot of people are entering into the prophetic office by whatever means. This is where Prophet Mike is singled out because of the uniqueness of his prophetic mantle. His prophecies are accurate and down to earth he often call people by their names, town, numbers and most times by their cases God is using this prophet to wipe tears from the faces of people as many that have come under his grace. The prophetic mantle on Prophet Akindapo has lifted curses from the head of individuals, families and communities, the Healing of individuals, families and communities, the Healing and deliverance cases that he has handled have resulted in wonderful testimony of God’s power. I call him a practical prophet because of the way he combines the prophetic with the word he preaches few prophet preaches the word, they focus on only prophecy all the time, but prophet Akindapo mixes the word of God with the prophetic anointing on his life which make it proof producing. The prophetic mantle on Mike Akindapo is rare and genuine one get connected with him and experience firsthand prophecies.

Because of the anointing on the life of this prophet a lot of ministerial and spiritual sons have been born founders of ministries, senior pastor and associate, even pastors in training seeking the leadership of the prophetic ministry of Prophet Mike Akindapo everywhere he goes inside and outside this country sons are born.

Prophet Mike is not a local champion; His ministry goes beyond borders and Nations. The ministry of this prophet has extended to the United State of America, Europe and part of Asia, and it is still spreading like wide fire. This prophet Mike visits London frequently for his prayer and prophetic fellowship monthly beside he is a guest to a number of ministries overseas. Akindapo is always on the road or air if you don’t find him at Apostolic Fire Ministries in Port-Harcourt Nigeria. He is no doubt on an evangelical/prophetic trip to Minister God’s word outside Nigeria.

He is a great writer. Prophet Mike has authored fourteen (14) books that has greatly inspired his readers. Most of his books are centered on deliverance and prayers. You will find his book very useful in times of great needs of prayers and fasting, you will also find them useful in spiritual issues that concern dreams, enemies’ attacks, and confusion. The books are always prayer loaded with a lot of prayer points that help you in your needy hour reach out for his book as they are in circulation around the country and overseas.

Prophet Mike Akindapo is also a television evangelist he preaches and prophecies on his T.V ministry. The prophet has been on channel like ACBN, CTL cable network and Silver Bird Television. The name of his television ministry is popularly known as DESTINY RECOVERY HOUR. You can view this every Wednesday 9.00am on Silver Bird television. You will experience the anointing power and the miracles as though you were in a life service make an appointment and watch destiny recovery hour and you will recover your lost destinies. It is interesting, exciting and most of all life changing watch and be transformed.

A lot of people describe Prophet Mike as a very unusual man of God, the quality of his life and ministry endears him to them. He is incredible with his ministerial style, leadership quality, and family life. The way he attends to people during counseling is inspiring. He is never tired, His office doors are always open to the seeker, even his home, sometimes he makes sure they are attended to. Prophet Mike has a listening ear, He discriminate against no one from the least to the great alike have access to him at all times this makes him incredible.

When you meet Prophet Mike sometimes, if you are not told about him you may mistake him for an ordinary person, yes he is a real man, I have not met a person who is so down to earth, with a very simple lifestyle. He laughs, joke, play and help people. Prophet Akindapo wears Jeans, combats, caps I mean he is a very simple easy going person very few prophet I have met behave like him when you are looking for a real person look for Prophet Mike Akindapo.

We have a lot of port folio prophet who go from place to place prophesying to people without a ministry base. Prophet Mike Akindapo is not of that class as he has a blossoming church ministry which serves as the operational based of all his ministerial activities. He is the senior pastor and General Overseer of APOSTOLIC FIRE MINISTRIES (Alpha & Omega Fresh FIRE Ministry). The church is situated at plot 3 Dr. Peter Odili Road Trans Amadi in the City of Port-Harcourt. The church is rated as one of the fasted growing Pentecostal church in Port-Harcourt with membership of over two thousand (2000) worshipers in one service. The church is mainly centered on prayers and deliverance as the prophet help as many people who are in one kind of problem or the other. The church has a cream of working staffs, pastors and ministers. Her doors are open everyday to serve the needy who comes. Apostolic Fire Ministries is a church on fire on the move, join this chariot of fire. Prophet Akindapo is the gentle shepherd /pastor of this great commision.